234c465.jpg Jacob Turner

I have known Andrew Mok for more than two years as a personal trainer, a business manager and a friend. Andrew is tireless in his pursuit of excellence and I truly admire his integrity and professionalism. I have learned a great deal from Andrew and I know he will be successful in all of his future pursuits. Any company would be lucky to work with Andrew.

May 16, 2010, Jacob was Andrew's client


Ray Yumul

He is an extrmely professional personal trainer. He is a guy that wears several hats as he also has a background of psychology. You will be extremely impressed with his style of training and his overall personality and dedication to his craft.

Jan 13, 2018, Ray is currently training with Andrew


039ff85.jpg Daniela Faustino

Absolutely outstanding in your gym is for me Andrew Mok, my PT. He brings a perfect combination of profound knowledge, passion, excellent motivator, a lot of experience, the impressive ability to be able at the same time to listen to his client, show a lot of empathy as well as being strict and strong in a positive way. He is a professional. Andrew is always friendly, respectful and in a good mood. I think this is a natural gift in his character. Andrew is the one who brought me from not fit in January 2012 to fit today (in only 6 weeks!). I owe him for this and am very grateful to him. I would recommend andrew for any kind of client anytime. 

I will start the big cycling trip through India for 2 weeks and throughout the trip I will follow andrews advises and the tailor made exercises he provided to me, which improved my body strength, muscle structure and stamina. At this point: THANK YOU Andrew!

March 20, 2012, Daniela was Andrew's client